Vladimir Krupchak: “State should support companies that have maximum social burden”
6 september 2021
Speaking about the business component of the new investment project of the Arkhangelsk PPM, Vladimir Krupchak made it clear that the “BREAKTHROUGH – 2027” directly correlates with the main directions of the state strategy aimed at high-level of wood processing, its integral use and import substitution products.
Dear employees of Arkhangelsk PPM and veterans!
27 august 2021

Arkhangelsk PPM and Novodvinsk are indivisible. Our common birthday connects the past and the future; it unites all who live here. This is the town, which never retreats in the face of difficulties. The greatest asset of Novodvinsk is people who sincerely love their small motherland, who, with their daily work, create the present and the future of their native land. Together we will reach new heights! 

The Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov officially opened the Ulyanovsk branch of ARKHBUM JSC
20 august 2021

"Today we are present at the launch of the corrugated board production plant of ARKHBUM; this is the first stage of the project. The company has proved itself as a major investor that develops this direction in Russia. We expect that the plant will produce 5 million m2 of corrugated board this year and it will reach 15 million m2 per month by 2025. This will provide additional jobs and tax revenues that will ensure comfortable life for the residents of the region," said Denis Manturov.

Arkhangelsk PPM officially submitted a new investment project at the cost of 105 billion rubles to the Ministry of Russian Federation for Far East and Arctic Development
11 august 2021

“The project "BREAKTHROUGH of 2027" will allow us to increase EBITDA, ensure growth of the APPM's capitalization and certainly improve the environmental situation in the north of the region through the further implementation of the best available technologies,” – said Vladimir Krupchak.  

Investment Director of Pulp Mill Holding Vladimir Krupchak: “For us it is important to create a favourable socio-economic environment both for employees and people in the regions of our companies’ presence”
29 july 2021

On July 23, Arkhangelsk PPM received an Integrated Environmental Permit (IEP) for 7 years. Investment Director of Pulp Mill Holding Vladimir Krupchak told Interfax about how the IEP will help to the implementation of the planned activities, as well as the investment plans and priority projects, the Environmental Efficiency Enhancement Program and social projects of Pulp Mill Holding.

Arkhangelsk PPM received Integrated Environmental Permit
26 july 2021

"We consider the receipt of the IEP as an official approval of the environmental policy of Arkhangelsk PPM, which is based on the goals of reducing the negative impact on the environment, increasing the energy efficiency of production and reducing the carbon intensity of products," - summarized Vladimir Krupchak, Investment Director of Pulp Mill Holding.

Titan Group of Companies will invest 76 million rubles in the development of Arkhangelsk region
19 july 2021

The large social project will be implemented in Kargopolskiy, Konoshskiy, Pinezhskiy, Verkhnetoemskiy and Nyandomskiy districts as well as in Arkhangelsk with the support of the company. More than 20 million rubles will be spent for the upgrade, construction and repairs of educational and sport sites for kids and teens.

“First of all, we want to offer the consumer a high quality product”
28 june 2021
On the development of Pulp Mill Holding and its assets, the company’s Director for Investments Vladimir Krupchak told Kommersant.
A social project “We are all different, but we are together” has been launched under the patronage of Vladimir Krupchak
24 june 2021
Among the events are the family vacation in the tourist center “Malye Karely” and ice rink of TEC Titan Arena, which are fully financed by APPM JSC and TITAN-DEVELOPMENT LLC.
More than 18 billion rubles will be spent on environmental transformation of Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill
17 june 2021
Today, many of the largest companies in our country pay careful attention to ESG standards — environmental, social and corporate management. The Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill is among them. Vladimir Krupchak, member of the Board of Directors of Arkhangelsk PPMJSC and Investment Director of Pulp Mill Holding, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta about why the timber industry, especially the pulp and paper industry, simply cannot ignore these standards and about the program of increasing the environmental efficiency of the company, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia in February.
Arkhbum Tissue Group and the Kaluga region signed an Agreement on the investment project implementation worth more than 20 billion rubles
3 june 2021
Vladimir Krupchak, Investment Director of Pulp Mill Holding, said that the strategic goal of Arkhbum Tissue Group is to take a leading position in the sale of sanitary and tissue products under the Soffione brand at the Russian market.
Green spot of the Arctic
21 may 2021
Arkhangelsk Pulp & Paper Mill operates in the Russian Arctic. Today, the environment of this territory is a sensitive topic. In 2020, the Company earned the official status of ‘green spot’ of the Barents Euro-Arctic.
Steadily Moving Forward
11 may 2021
Vladimir Krupchak: “Our goal is to increase the business’s worth for good of our employees, customers, and areas where we operate. We can add some changes to a concept or a process, we can push deadlines, but aside from that, you will certainly read in the news that we have launched yet another facility.”
Valmet has been selected as the paper machine supplier for the second production line of Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC
14 april 2021
As the Pulp Mill Holding Investment Policy Director, Vladimir Krupchak, said, the project for launching the second production line is in an active stage of implementation — the construction of the main production workshops is underway. A finished product warehouse for the second and third production lines of the plant has been built and put into operation.
Arkhbum JSC and the Moscow region signed the first IPPA in the region
30 march 2021
As the Pulp Mill Holding Investment Policy Director, Vladimir Krupchak, detailed, the Istra branch of Arkhbum JSC is reconstructing the plant (production building) with the corresponding modernization of the engineering and logistics infrastructure, as well as the launch of two technological lines: corrugated packaging machine BHS and converting line BGM 1332.
New “ecological transformation” of the Arkhangelsk PPM
24 march 2021
One of the main trends in the development of timber industry enterprises today is the environmental friendliness of production. Over the past 10 years, APPM has directed about 15 billion rubles for environmental solutions and implementation of the best available technologies. Vladimir Krupchak, a member of the Board of Directors of Arkhangelsk PPM, Investment Director at Pulp Mill Holding, told “Expert” how the environmental program works in the company and about the situation at the enterprise as a whole.
“Arkhbum Tissue Group” is preparing an Investment Agreement for construction of the second and third phases of the plant
15 march 2021
According to Vladimir Krupchak, Chief Investment Officer of Pulp Mill Holding and member of the Boards of Directors of Arkhangelsk PPM and JSC Arkhbum Tissue Group, construction of finished product storage for the second and third phases of the plant is completed. Preparations for commissioning of the facility are underway.
Vladimir Krupchak: “APPM’s Environmental Efficiency Improvement Program cost 18.2 bn Rubles.”
11 february 2021
Over the 10 years (2011–2020), the Mill allocated nearly 15 billion Rubles for environmental agenda and implementation of BAT.
Vladimir Krupchak, Chief Investment Officer of Pulp Mill Holding, member of the Board of Directors, JSC Arkbum: “The holding takes on new investment projects.”
3 february 2021
“This project is aimed at selling testliner and fluting to both our own cardboard manufacturer, JSC Arkhbum, and all active consumers of these products.” — told Mr. Krupchak.
Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia: APPM’s priority investment project “Reconstruction of Cardboard Process” is now officially completed
30 december 2020
“The primary objective of our investment project was the reduction of cost price of the virgin-pulp kraft-liner without compromising its consumer appeal.” — emphasized Vladimir Krupchak, Chief Investment Officer of Pulp Mill Holding, member of the Board of Directors, JSC Arkhangelsk PPM.